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Jesus Says – Vacation Bible School Games (VBS Games)

We’re getting ready for our annual Vacation Bible School next month. It’s a good idea to have a few quick “filler” ideas for games in case there is something holding up the action. This is especially true for ┬áthe preschoolers, who are more likely to be homesick if they are not kept busy.

One easy thing to do with the younger kids is to play a “Jesus Says” game. This is just like Simon Says, except we say Jesus instead of Simon. You can make your some of your actions fit the VBS theme. For example, if your phrase for the day is “God Loves Us!” with some action, have them do that. You can have them high five each other, act like they are praying, act like they are giving someone a helping hand, etc. You get the idea.

This lets them play a game they are all familiar with, but it puts a VBS twist on it.

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