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Trying to Organize a Spring Planning Session with the Youth Group

I am the advisor for the parish youth group and I am trying to get a meeting with the “core group” so we can do some planning for the spring. Since Facebook seems to be the primary means of communication for most of the teens in the group, we have a “Facebook group”. So I am using the Question feature on Facebook to try to figure out when and where they want to meet.

We haven’t had a planning meeting for a few months, and last time we talked about meeting away from church for our planning meetings. We usually meet after 11AM Mass on Sundays.  So I listed some options of places in  the area where they might like to have lunch while planning. But I also encouraged them to add additional locations and even other options for dates and times. So hopefully I’ll get a good response.

I feel that for a high school youth group it really is important to get as much feedback from the youth as possible and allow them to take the lead on what they want to do. They are old enough and mature enough to be fully involved in most of the decisions we make. It doesn’t do any good for the adults to plan something if the teens aren’t interested.

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