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Youth Mass Last Night

Our monthly youth Mass last night went really well. The eighth graders had their confirmation retreat during the day, so we had a lot of kids in attendance. The choir sounded really great.

We invited all of the kids in 5th grade through high school to sit together up front. We had a large crowd sitting together, especially because of the retreat. They really liked having the contemporary music. Several people commented afterwards about how much the teens were singing along.

Our youth lectors and ushers did really well also. They seem to be getting more comfortable with taking on those roles at Mass.

So I think we’ve turned a corner with getting this youth Mass off the ground. The first couple youth Masses in September and October didn’t go so well. There was no “youth choir” and the kids who were filling the ministries were unsure of themselves. So now that things seem to be coming together we’re going to try to continue doing one Mass per month through the summer so we don’t lose our momentum.

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