One thought on “St. John of God – Patron Saint of Firefighters (March 8)”

  1. It was really remarkable and massively providential that John Ciudad aka John of God “Juan de Dios” was at hand on July 3rd 1549, when the inferno broke out in the Royal Hospital, Granada. Every one will recall that John himself must have known the hospital intimately from the period of incarceration which he underwent there eleven years earlier, during his dramatic conversion experience. That was what led to John devoting the remainder of his life to lovingly caring for people living on the margins of society due to illness or poverty. There is no one better suited to the honour of Patron Saint of Firefighters. John’s vigilance and courage ensured that there was no loss of life at the burning hospital. INSTALL SMOKE AND FIRE DETECTORS AND PRACTICE A FAMILY FIRE DRILL LEST ANY TRAGEDY OCCURR IN OUR HOMES

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