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Youth Group Games – Don’t Be A Squirt

Youth group games can be fun, instructional, or both. Don’t Be a Squirt is both. This game is designed to help kids recognize when they are using filler words like  “um” and “er” while speaking.

I would caution you to only do this with volunteers who know what is going to happen ahead of time. Your more confident youth will really enjoy this game. But if you have a kid who is not comfortable speaking in front of an audience, he will not enjoy this.

For kids who want to play but don’t want to get squirted, you can also give them the choice of having something else happen when they say a filler word. For example, instead of squirting them, everyone can just shout “Squirt”. Or just do a single hand clap.

Chances are that after your group sees some of their bolder peers get up and do this, a few who are on the fence will see them having fun and want to give it a try.

Youth Group Games – Don’t Be A Squirt


  • Slips of paper
  • Pencils
  • Squirt Gun
  • 60 second sand timer, stopwatch, or clock with a second hand


  1. Using the slips of paper and a pencil, have all of the members of your group write down possible subjects for a 60 second talk. You might want to give some examples like “What I ate for dinner yesterday”, “My least favorite subject in school”, etc.
  2. Ask for a volunteer.
  3. The volunteer comes to the front of the audience.
  4. Pick one of the slips of paper and tell the volunteer the topic.  (If you pick a topic you don’t think will work for any reason, just pick another.)
  5. The volunteer must speak for 60 seconds without pausing or saying um or er. If the volunteer pauses or uses a filler word, squirt him with the gun. Shoot for the chest.  Most kids don’t like a face full of water.

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