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VBS Games – Castles and Cannons

Most Vacation Bible School programs come with their own VBS games, but sometimes you need a few extra to fill some time.

This is a great Vacation Bible School game if your VBS theme has to do with knights or courage or medieval kingdoms. It could also be a fun activity for a grade school youth group. It is basically a homemade bowling set with a castle theme. The materials are readily available and inexpensive.

This is an active game which will work for most grade school aged kids. The idea is that the cannons (the ball) is attacking the castle. The nice thing about VBS games is that you can modify the rules and explanation to fit your VBS theme.

You can choose to have teams and keep score or just play without scoring. Know your group and if scoring will work for them or not.

VBS Games – Castles and Cannons


  • 10 half gallon milk cartons (the cardboard ones work best, but plastic are OK als0)
  • scissors
  • markers
  • construction paper
  • glue
  • masking tape
  • ball – such as a soccer ball or a playground ball


  1. Thoroughly wash the milk cartons.
  2. Cut the tops off of the cartons.
  3. Cut squares out of the tops of the cartons so they look like castle turrets.
  4. Use the markers, construction paper, and glue to decorate them like castles – grey walls, stones, rocks,  bricks, doors, etc.

The Game

  1. Set up the ten milk carton castles like bowling pins.
  2. Use the masking tape to mark a line which the bowler must stay behind.
  3. Using the ball, the bowler rolls the ball to knock down as many castles as possible.
  4. Give the bowler a second chance, just like in real bowling.
  5. If you are scoring, record the score.
  6. Set up the milk cartons again and repeat with the next bowler.

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