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VBS Games: Airplanes

VBS Games give your kids a chance to run off some energy and practice cooperation. This Vacation Bible School game has an airplane theme.

The kids playing this game will need to be old enough to listen and work together a little bit. Like many VBS games, it is not complicated, but if the kids can’t get the idea at all, you will spend too much time explaining.  When I’ve run VBS games in the past, I’ve found it useful to let my teen helpers demonstrate as I explained.

I’d recommend this for about 3rd grade and up. Even the middle schoolers will find this fun. It depends on your group though. There is no substitute for knowing the kids and their strengths.

VBS Games: Airplanes


  • Something to mark the start and goal lines


  • Mark a start and goal line about 40 feet apart. You will need a wide area like a gym or a field for this game.


  1. Form groups of 3 to 5 children each.
  2. For each group, have two children stand together facing away from the starting line toward the goal line. They form a line side to side – not back to front.
  3. These two children should extend their arms out like airplane wings.
  4. The rest of the group (1 to 3 children) stands between those two, but faces the opposite direction.
  5. Everyone in the line holds hands. The two on the end can rotate their free hands like an airplane propeller to make it more challenging. Or they can just leave them straight out like wings.
  6. The whole group races to the goal.
  7. Without turning around, they race back to the start. So on the way back, the ones who were backwards are now forwards and those who were facing forwards are now facing backwards..

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