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Pass It On (VBS Games)

Even if you are using a set Vacation Bible School program, it is good to have some simple games ready in case you have extra time on your hands. And VBS games which can be played indoors are a bonus when the weather turns rainy.

A common VBS theme is Pass It On. We talk about passing on our faith or good deeds. So you can make this relay game fit in that theme. All you need is a few rolls of toilet paper. It is an over-under style game. It can be played inside or outside. I’d recommend it for kids about 8 or 9 and up. You’ll be the best judge if the kids in your group are capable of doing it or not.

Pass It On


  • Several rolls of toilet paper


  1. Divide the kids into teams. I’d recommend about five per team, but this is flexible.
  2. Have each team form a line.
  3. Give the child at the front of each line a roll of toilet paper. Have them start with the loose end and wrap it around their waist three times.
  4. On your mark, they should pass the roll underneath them, between their legs to the person behind them.
  5. This person then passes the roll over their shoulder to the next person in line.
  6. That person passes it between their legs as the first person did.
  7. Continue alternating over and under until you get to the end of the line. The person at the end should wrap it around their waist once and then start passing it to the front again, still alternating over and under.

There are several ways to end. You can have them go up and down the line a set number of times. For a longer game, have them continue until the roll is empty.

If they break the roll, they must stop where it broke and wrap it around their waist three times again. Then they can continue.

Play some Vacation Bible School music while they do this.

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